H O M E--- I ---C A P A B I L I T I E S--- I ---E X P E R I E N C E--- I ---C O N T A C T--U S

I-76 Major Safety Upgrade
in East Akron, OH.

(1992 - 1998)

Improvement and widening of an interstate within an urban setting.

Total project cost estimate: $110,000,000
ADT (1996): 80,000+



This 3.2 mile section of I-76 in east Akron was considered by many to be one of the worst limited-access highways in the state. Too many access points, too few lanes, poor lighting, and no shoulders are just a few of the irritants motorists faced. The project was not only Akron's first complete rehabilitation of an expressway, but also entailed multiple ramp and lane closings, eliminating convenient access to many of Akron's major employers.

We took a grass-roots approach to this project with an understanding that Akron's media wasn't strong enough to communicate its impact upon the community. We initiated a proactive approach of contacting businesses and community groups long before the first shovel of dirt was turned. Prior to the first phase of construction, we made over 100 presentations educating stakeholders of the need for this project and teaching them how to gain information during construction.

We initiated:
a motorist hotline
a presentation video
an eastbound and a westbound HAR.
250,000 brochures that included color-coded alternate routes and information sources

We assisted:
VMS message management
traffic management
police, fire and EMS coordination
hospital and trauma center communication

We managed:

all media communication.

B-roll footage and project graphics

project photography and videography

project kick-off
milestone events with elected officials
event communication with public venues like the University of Akron, E.J. Thomas Hall

The project was deemed a success. In fact, our efforts were considered so successful we have
continued to manage communication for infrastructure projects ever since.

Public Relations Specialists for Infrastructure Improvement Projects